Program Specialized for International Students Aiming Top Ranked Universities in Japan!
Musashino University Japanese Language Program for International Students
Unique Characteristics of MJI

What is Musashino University Japanese Language Program for International Students

  “Musashino University Japanese Language Program for International Students (MJI)” teaches Japanese and English, which are essential for international students aiming to enter universities in Japan. Also, MJI teaches necessary subjects for “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)”, such as ‘Mathematics’, ‘Sciences’ and ‘Liberal Arts’, of which results are required to be submitted to most universities when applying. Additionally, MJI helps students with other needed skills including ‘writing essays’ and ‘interviews’, which will be also required when students apply to universities in Japan.
Besides, specialized counselors in MJI are well-aware of complicated admission schemes for international students that each university offers, and thus, we provide the best plans for the students based on what the students would like to do in the future.

Unique Characteristics of MJI

JCAEMCE Japanese Language Method
  It is required for students to master Japanese language as soon as possible in order to enter top-ranked universities in Japan.
In MJI, professional native instructors provide the Japanese language education, using “JJLM (6-months crash course)” and help international students to enter top-ranked universities in Japan.
TOEFL iBT® Course
  It is becoming common in Japan that top-ranked universities require applicants to submit TOEFL scores.
In MJI, just like Japanese native staff members teach Japanese, American native professors are in charge of teaching English. This allows students to learn English 4 skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) effectively in a short period of time.
Preparation for EJU and Second Stage of Universities’ Examinations
Students in MJI receive expert lectures on EJU while the score from the examination is the essential components of many Japanese universities’ admission.
In addition to this, MJI provides with outstanding courses for the second stage of universities’ examinations, where native Japanese professionals in MJI utilize carefully selected past examinations from various universities to enhance students’ educational experiences. Besides, MJI is well-informed about the difference in educational systems in various countries and hence, we analyze the compared data to achieve the most efficient and effective integrated educational system.
Academic and Career Counseling
Admission procedures in Japan are really complicated and differ from each univerrsity. In MJI, expert counselors are well-aware of admission procedures for international students in Japan and help students to choose a best university and a plan to achieve future goals.
Opportunities for those who aim to achieve a master’s degree
The specialized counselors mentioned earlier are also experts in graduate levels and therefore, MJI finds and suggests the best university research department for you.
In this case of entering into a master’s degree, improvements in Japanese language skills are just as important as in the case of entering an undergraduate school, and some graduate schools require applicants to submit scores of EJU. Furthermore, the Japanese native professors give individual instructions on creating ‘research proposal’.

JCAEMCE Japanese Language Method
Acquisition of Japanese language in 180 days at the earliest

 In order to take universities’ examination preparation courses, it is required for students to obtain N2 level on Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
 Students must acquire the tool, Japanese language, as soon as possible to realize their dreams.
 In many language schools in Japan, classes are offered only either in the morning or in the afternoon, and they aim to improve language skills in about 1.5 to 2 years. In contrast, MJI provides 5 classes of 90-minutes lecture in a day, which consists 500 classes in half a year.
 In this 6-months concentration program, students with beginner level of Japanese proficiency at first can become proficient in Japanese language.
 Students entered in October will aim to acquire Japanese by April and take universities’ examination preparation courses afterwards to aim at succeeding in universities’ entrance examinations.

 This 6-months program is designed for students whose mother tongues use Chinese characters, and the goal is to obtain Japanese language as efficiently as possible. It adopts unique “Task-Syllabus Method”, where grammars and vocabularies are learned in various tasks, and therefore, enables students to acquire N2 level in only half a year.


 This 6-months program is developed by JCAEMCE (General Foundation of Japan-China-Asia Educational Medical Cultural Exchange) and designed for successful applicants of Japan University Examination (JPUE) targeting students from countries that use Chinese characters.

Overseas Campus

 This 6-months crash course is currently offered in overseas campus in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. Before entering MJI, applicants can choose to receive this program in a local campus and so, after the entrance, they can concentrate on studying for “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)” and “TOEFL iBT®”. Please contact a local campus for more details.

Specialized Course (Care Worker Training Program)