April 2020 Open
Musashino University Specialized Course
(Care Worker Training Program)
Care Worker Training Program
【2 years program】

Let's become

a Global Care Worker!

Background of setting up "Care Worker Training Program"

In 2025, estimated gap in the number of nursing in Japan will be more than 500,000.
As Japanese government realized this issue, the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act has been modified in December 2018 and provided a broad outline of one new “Specified Skills” visa status. Japanese government has a plan to recruit 50,000 people from overseas in 5 years from April 2019 to work in nursing industry.
However, what we observed from the current nursing industry is that the system to respond to the rapid acceptance of foreign workers has not been fully formed. It is recognized that the priority is to bring up middle class management workers who have skills to communicate with people whose native language(s) is/are Japanese, English, Chinese or/and Vietnamese, etc.
Considering the circumstances, Musashino University, in April 2020, established a special course to train those who become care worker who can work as middle class leader in facilities, in which staffs have various language backgrounds.


We warmly welcome the students who understand the spirit of the foundation and the basic goals of Musashino University, and agree with the policy of human resource development, and have good behavior on studying in the curriculum.

We request the students to have the following four conditions.
1) Those who have an interest in caregiving, and have the intention to work and contribute the development of the field as a care worker.
2) Those who can think about a topic with scientific and logical thinking, and to do their best to solve the questions and tasks regarding caregiving and welfare.
3) Those who have the abilities to work and with criteria of leadership at the facilities for the staffs with various language backgrounds.
4) Those who have good morality, and have the intention to contribute to caregiving and local community.

Care Worker Training Program / University Specialized 2 years Program

Expected skills to be acquired: Care Worker Certificate
  • ・Taking "Care Worker Training Program" according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • ・Training in the Nursing facilities "practical skills"
  • ・Aiming for the National Certificarte of "Care Worker"
Quota40 people
StartFrom April 2023
VenueMusashino Campus 1-1-20 Shin-machi, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
※※You may apply for the Loans of Schooling Expenses for Student of Care Worker Training Program operated by the Social Welfare Councils of Municipalities in the prefectures.
※Assistant regarding to the accommodation will be provided for international students.


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Application Form
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Reason for application
Reason for application(PDF)
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For more information and details, feel free to contact us via email or call
Tel : +81-42-468-9747
(Tue - Fri, 10:00 - 15:00 in local time)
MAIL : bekka-kaigo@musashino-u.ac.jp
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