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Applying to Universities

Applying to Universities

 Application to a university begins from choosing a university.
Considering studets' dream jobs and companies, they choose a field of study to pursue first. Then, they will start to consider various factors such as admission difficulty, location, costs, international students supports to finalize a first-choice school.

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 Unlike admission procedures to universities in the U.S. and the U.K., application to a Japanese university is done by using an unique application form and application website that differ from each university. Applicants need to fill out the necessary forms and attach required documents to apply. required documents can be proof of graduation, personal statement essay, results of TOEFL iBT® and more.

When to Apply

 Admission period also varies from each university. As shown below, the earliest application will be approximately the end of July. Universities categorized in Group A and Group B from the table below examine applicants based solely on results of EJU (1st session) and therefore, if students wish to enter any universities in Group A or B, achieving the best score at EJU (1st session) is essential. Also, they are required to raise their TOEFL iBT® scores to the level set by universities. On the other hand, application periods are after October for universities in Group C and D (mainly national univerrsities) and so, the universities examine applicants based on a better result out of two if applicants have both scores from EJU (1st session) and EJU (2nd session).
TYPEWhen to Apply代表的な大学備考
6月時点で「TOEFL iBT®」スコア必要
8月~9月時点で「TOEFL iBT®」スコア必要
出願時点で「TOEFL iBT®」スコア必要
出願時点で「TOEFL iBT®」スコア必要

Selection Method

 Selection methods in Japanese universities can be categorized mainly into 3 groups.
Universities in Group A examines applicants base solely on submitted documents and there will not be a second round of admission such as interviews. So, as shown below, these universities finalize their decisions by looking at high school records, personal statement, essays and scores of EJU and TOEFL iBT®.
In contrast, universities in Group B and C oblige applicants to take a second stage of admission. Here, it could be writing essays or interviews in Group B and taking subject exams in Group C.
TYPESelection Method代表的な大学